Saturday, 24 March 2012

Security-Bsides Austin Texas

I am proud to say that my talk has been selected for B-Sides Austin TX this year.  Check out the Abstract below if you're interested.

Name: David Maloney, @thelightcosineTitle: Don't Pick the lock, steal the key
Length: 45 minutes
Abstract: You've got a problem. You're running a pentest and the only vulnerable box is some shmuck's desktop. Is it game over? wait, what is this WinSCP application on his machine? don't give up just yet. The wonderful world of fail that is password storage is about to save your butt. In this talk we will break down how Windows applications store their password. Where they store them, how they encrypt or obfuscate them, and how we can attack them. Then we will follow up with some real world examples from the Metasploit Framework, and show how you can turn one workstation into total network compromise in a very short ammount of time.

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