Thursday, 16 June 2011

Metasploit Activities

Well, i know i have been pretty quiet lately, so I thought i'd provide an update. I am very tempted to try and stake a claim on one of the Metasploit bounties , but I don't think I'm quite up to that challenge yet. Instead i will continue to work on some of my other Metasploit Projects:

  1. Build Railgun support for the Windows Crypto API(CAPI)
  2. Finish my SmartFTP password recovery module
  3. Build Meterperter NetStat support for Windows
  4. Some other things that have not solidifed yet.
I hope to get those first 3 items completely done in the next month or so. I want to have them completed and committed before Black Hat. It looks like i will be attending Black Hat courtesy of Rapid 7 this year, but only for the briefings. I unfortunately do not have the means at my disposal to stay for DefCon this year. I look forward to meeting some people in person.

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