Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Projects Worthy of Praise: Hackers Unite

It has been a while since i have last posted. I come to bring you news of two different projects. I am very excited about both of these. The first one is one I am actually involved in directly: A Hackerspace in Charlotte North Carolina. This idea sort of got kicked off by one of my coworkers, who started investigating it  after visiting Nullspace Labs in LA. He asked if I was interested, and soon after we began investigating potential spaces.

We had our first meetup last week, and to our surprise 25 people showed up to it. The reaction was astoundingly positive. We have a good assortment of software and hardware hackers. We have developers, pentesters, robotics people etc. Everyone there seemed genuinely committed to the idea. Our next meeting is tonight, although I am going to have to miss this one. So if you live in the greater Charlotte area and are interested in participating, please come check us out.

The other project I wanted to mention is being done by Schuyler Towne. He is attempting to start his own lockpick business, and has used kickstarter to try and raise initial funds. He had a goal of about $6,000, and has so far raised over $68,000. Depending on your donation level you will receive some absolutely fabulous prizes including custom lockpicks, practice locks, templates, and more. If you are at all interested in the sport or science of picking locks, do yourself a favour and get on board with this. It is an amazing deal, and people like this deserve community support anyways. There are only 71 hours left to get onboard as a backer!

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