Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Oracle Blind SQL Injection : Timing Based Attack using Heavy Queries

This is a neat little trick my mate and I just learned about while testing an Oracle based application with a blind SQL Injection vector in it. It is not new by any means, nor did we discover it. Check out the defcon presentation that gave us the starting point, here. Conventional wisdom would have you believe that you cannot do timing based blind sqli against oracle, since there's no waitfor delay. What we have done is unioned in a query that, when true initiates a secondary 'heavy' query to the database. What we mean by heavy is that it tries to pull a lot of data, purposely slowing down the response time. Let's take a look at our example:

NULL UNION ALL SELECT SOME_FIELD_1 AS COL1, SOME_FIELD_2 AS COL2,((CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT SOME_FIELD_3 FROM SOME_TABLE_2 WHERE 0>(select count(*) from all_users t1, all_users t2,all_users t3,all_users t4) AND 1=1) THEN 'own' ELSE 'pwn' END)) as COL3 FROM SOME_TABLE_1,SOME_TABLE_2 ,DUAL WHERE --
 This shows us a true example which should trigger based on the 1=1. So for this query we will see a noticeable delay over the same query with 1=1 replaced by 1=2. that tells us that a true condition will take much longer to reply now. So all we have to do is replace the simple 1=1/1=2 structure with our own test parameters. This is where you get into inserting your counts,lengths, and ascii(substr portions and slowly and methodically enumerate out every last bit of data in the system. This is a great technique to sue when other Blind Injection techniques fail.

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